Saturday, 2 September 2017

5 Bold Ways To Revamp Your Eyebrows

We may have said that fun make-up was the rule for this summer, but we’re starting to think this concept should extend year round. After having explored dope eyeshadow trends and electric lipstick options, we’ve rounded up some unique takes on the brow —
from colorful dye jobs to bold, drawn-on looks — that are guaranteed to switch up your look.

Check ’em out, below.

1. Go Crayola crazy with a colorful dye job

Take a hint from stylist and muse Brittany Byrd and give your brows a vibrant makeover — guaranteed unicorn vibes.

2. Hit them with the fade away

Singer FKA Twigs gave her brows the bleach treatment for an otherworldly, extraterrestrial feel.

3. Or make them disappear

Model, director, and artist Bella Ferrada sports an ulta thin look, but if you’re feeling really bold, get rid of your brows altogether.

4. Try manipulating their shape

This wavy brow trend has been everywhere on social media — it somehow manages to be both meme-worthy and chicly avant-garde.

Save yourself from the time and money of a brow appointment and rock this untamed, bushy look like make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes.

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