Sunday, 20 August 2017

Street Hustle Is Better Than Your University Degree --Brymo Tells Students

Contemporary Nigerian singer Brymo has warned student that their university degree offer them little in today’s wall because smart and creative people who have the ability to create practical solutions to problems are the ones who rule the world.

Brymo spoke at “Red Carpet Speaker Series”, an event organized by the University of Ibadan (UI) Theatre Arts students.The artiste said a little part of the knowledge students get from university would be used in the labor market, saying their success would be determined by their creativity and personal development.

He urged the students to study hard for good grades, saying quality education wouldhelp them to hone their talents when they graduate.Brymo said: “I am not saying you should not acquire education, because it is the key to unlock opportunities.But, everything you are being taught in school would be a springboard to help you attain your dreams.

When you graduate, you would use little of that knowledge. Your success would depend on how creative you are.”Brymo, who shared his personal story, said money should not be seen as major factor for success. He said investing time and energy on individual’s talent was the road to success.Brymo appreciated the students for supporting his music career, saying it motivated him to do more.

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