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Aje Entertainment C E O, Olayinka Olayide Ojelere, better known in the entertainment family as Aje, has revealed that top music producer; D Tunes stole Sean Tizzle from him.

In an exclusive interview with Fujipop Online Magazine bared his mind onhow he found his feet in the otherwise very competitive entertainmentindustry and other sundry issues.

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Could you tell us little about your family background?

I was raised in a very good Christian family background. We’re six innumber and I am the last child of the family.  My dad got married toonly my mom.Can you tell us about how it all started, talking about artistes promotion and club managementI think the origin of it all can be attributed to the fact that I am the kind of person that loves music, I love to enjoy life, I love going out, I love party.

 I love music so much though I knew I can’t sing but I know I can put things together to help those around me who can sing by putting events that would help them showcase their talents and at the same time help me feel fulfilled in a way.

 So while in school thenI was having shows in school, organize my friends together because I had these set of friends then who we all hang out, interestingly one of us could sing very well so while he would be singing we would be drumming on the school desk, we were actually using it to catch fun I never knew I was actually building my future career in that line.

 People began to take notice of me and from there I got theopportunity to work at a club, interestingly my boss then, that is Mr.Mike Onobuwa,the CEO of Sidewalk and Zigis at Magodo was also intoentertainment business so he used to bring in so many artistes then and a curious person I would be asking questions like ‘who is thisone, who is that one’ to know the artistes because back then it was only few artistes that were really popular. So later after I hadstopped working there I began getting offers from some unknown artistes who started to come to me for help.

 They would like ‘I’m anartist I live in the neighborhood, I want you to help me and all that stuff. So one dayI sat down and said to myself that this is an opportunity, I can put this people together and make something out of it and that was exactly what happened. So from there started putting all these artistes together, I will organize shows, collect there songs, listen to it, next thing they are performing on my platforms, I will host them in clubs, create shows and invite them, that was how I started getting stronger in the industry and since then I have worked with so many top artistes in the Nigerian music industry.

Can you tell us about some of the artistes you’ve worked with?
When I started then there was a little boy I managed then, his name was Dammy, I managed him for some times but he was in school, and because he was in school then it was a bit difficult so I called him one day and said: ‘look bro, I don’t think I can continue, I want tomove on’. So I dropped him and moved on, and from there I discovered and managed Sean Tizle when no one believed he could become who he is today. I recall how I met Sean, it was at one club I was managing then at Ajayi Road, Ogba called Club Trace, and it was the opening of theclub, the main invited artistes were Sound Sultan and DJ Humility, so I met Sean through the opening of the club I manage and we talked.

 I could remember he said to me, my name is Sean, I live at Ikorodu and I am the back up singer for Sound Sultan. I must say thatSean is one talented artist that I love so much, he has the voice, he has the swag, he has the look and he is humble. So I drew him closerand we became very close friends and rolling around then because my boss gave me a car to be moving around with, so Sean and I with oneother friend, we call him Dangote but his real name is Ahmed, together we will go to other clubs in town to see how they were doing thingsand to also find out somethings they were doing that we needed to learn and adoptin our own club. So that was how I became Sean’smanager. I could remember the day I called him and asked him tell me his preferred producer that he would like to produce his song becausethen I had made up my mind to take him to the next level and like I told him that day, this is the time for you to blow.

And he said that he knows a producer called D tunes, he said that Dtunes has been his friend but has grown big in the industry meaning that his chargeswould be high, we made enquiry and booked an appointment with D Tunes at Lekki, we got there and I paid D Tunes to produce a hit song for Sean and that washow he produced the song, Shole. That song,shole was his first ever official track and it was paid for by me.That was how the Sean Tizzle story started and I am very glad that I was part of the success story. Again that was also how I stopped managing Sean till date, though we are still friends and brothers.

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