Saturday, 15 July 2017

Help! Illuminati Is After My Life -- Singer, Jaywon Cries Out


Nigerian singer, Jaywon shared an invite he got from a Instagram user to join the infamous Illuminati cult.In case you didn’t know, Ihe Illuminati is believed to be made up of powerful, elite figures who run the world as we know it.So getting an invite is supposed to be a big deal, but the message Jaywon got, which looks so much like a scam had him surprised

“So i decided to check my other DM this morning and here is what i found E’ gba mi”, The singer wrote, sharing a screenshot of the invite.The message reads: “Hello good day, i am padricilluni, am a member of illuminati kingdom. I am here to get more people in thee organization and to make them become rich and famous in life so are you interested in joining the illuminati brotherhood and become rich and famous in life.”

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