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Being Fat Made Me More Money - Lepacious Bose

Comedienne Lepacious Bose, is one of the few highly talented comics in the game.Speaking in a current interview, the now very trimmed comic, revealed she actually made more money while obese than now.”I was obese for 25 years.I was never happy being fat and I had health challenges like my thyroids were aggravating, I was depressed, for two years I was not menstruating.

I was so emotional and each time I visited the hospital, they will ask me to go and lose weight.Though, I was making a lot of money because it was easy cracking jokes about my being fat. Now that I am slimming down, I do not make so much money anymore.

Above all, my weight loss has been an incredible journey and I am proud of the progress I have made and I don’t intend to stop.I am also proud of the fact that my weight loss is an inspiration to others. Presently, I am now a size 16. Two years ago, I was obese with a weight of 198kg.”

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