Sunday, 23 July 2017

Acting Has More Opportunity Than Modelling -Kehinde Bankole

Only a few people would know that Kehinde Bankole started out as model. But at some point, she tried acting and modelling became a thing of the past.

In a recent interview, the beautiful actress, however, revealed that she still models in a more advanced form.“Acting is taking all the time now.

In recent times, what I do is more like brand spokesperson unlike before that it was runway and photography modelling. Now, I’m into endorsements and brand ambassadorship. I still model but on a different level,” she said.She is however not missing the runways days. According to her, while they were younger, some people had the opportunity to explore more inrunway.

She said, “They travelled more for it and built a strong career in it. For me, I got to a point where I had expended the few opportunities I got in modelling and I was thinking of what next? So, I left runway modelling long time ago. It’s not like if something comes up and I need to work on runway, I would say no. But I left it as a career many years ago. I was there, I did the bit that came to me as opportunities, I wanted more and more came from acting. I wanted bigger things and TV presentation, acting and all the like, came to me. I am quite sure I have expended whatever runway modelling as in stock for me.”Bankole still has plans for television, insisting that part of her plans once she decides to stop acting is to become a talk show host.

She explained, “I would definitely do something about it, I certainly know I would go back to talk show much later. I am just giving priority to what is more demanding at the moment. Acting is more demanding of my time; it is more demanding of my energynow and that is where the opportunity is. You cannot shut down where the opportunity is; you make the most of that opportunity. If much later you still want to do other things, you can do it.”

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