Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nollywood actress Issued A Stern Warning To Her Future Husband

Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina, has issued a stern warning to her future husband that she would not consider being a baby mama like a number of ladies are becoming in recent times.The actress aired her opinion in an open letter she addressed to her future husband, noting that her mother never taught her to be a baby mama.

Bukunmi also enjoined her future man to work hard as she is doing presently, as she assured him that some of their children would love fancy things like she did.

She wrote, “Dear future husbby.. Hope you are good and body count not going way up??Above all, I hope you are also working hard like wifeyy.‘I have a feeling some of our kids would like designers.

For those ones who would take after their mother.‘So dear, please double your hustle and let’s work harder. Cos I promised them to give them the best father. Who would always stay, love, teach, care and grow with them, just like my own father. Cos my mother never taught me how to be a baby mama.‘My mother was never one. I don’t pray to be one either.

Not even any of our daughters. Cos I pray we all grow up together.‘So our kids would learn, watch and know what been a Father and a husband, been a mother and a wife look like. What love, a home and a family look like.‘I want us to be their definition of forever. Yours in Advance FUTURE WIFFFYYY.’The actress’ letter would not sit down well a lot of latter day entertainers who seem to bemore comfortable with the strange baby mama and baby daddy arrangement.

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