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Nigerians Are Not Smiling With Femi Adebayo, For His Inspirational Message

Femi Adebayo decided to encourage his fans by sending them an inspiration note reminding them of his humble beginning.

He reminded them that Rome was not built in a day therefore, everyone who is aspiring to be at the top should work hard. He went ahead to use himself, Linda Ikeji and Donjazzy as example saying that they all had rough times.

Reactions from fans is what caught our interest, some got annoyed by the piece saying

'Nobody is ever telling us the whole truth behind their success, they just keep telling us to believe in hard work not like people do not work hard enough but the country frustrates them making most people depressed. Even though Nigerians do not rely on the government but people should behonest sometimes and stop all these motivational messages without sincere emphasis'Another went ahead to blast Femi Adebayo' very soon, we go hear say na you dey sponsor those Lagos women that usually traffic drugs to Saudi Arabia.

You people always claim hardworking pays shot, working on new music until breeze blow unayansh open. Shut up. Oga.'This one was mild but he refused to believe the message Nahh, I don't always believe in those logic.

Thanks for sharing'It is obvious that Femi Adebayo did not expect these kind of reactions from the people. Even they queried him for using Lindah and Donjazzy as example.

Nigerians are not smiling again. lol

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