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Nigeria Can’t Grow if we Breakup…Comedian, Igodye Speaks

The recent threat by the Northerners asking the Igbos to leave their states is becoming worrisome as the deadline approaches and comedian, Igodye, has joined in criticizing such threat.The comedian pointed out that part of the problems affecting the country is not theleaders who are enjoying themselves in their various offices but an individual thing.

He expressed that the various leaders at the helm of affairs are not wishing for a breakup country because things are cool with them together but lack of patriotism is what is killing Nigerians and quest to acquire more.

“The Power of Unity: I have watched and observed the ill message that is been spread across the country; let us break away. What value does it add to our real existence? Honestly speaking, are we smarter than Americans' or Chinese that withtheir huge population are still proud to be indivisible? the question I put forth is when did we hear our governors, rep or senators and elites speak about disunity or break away? they are enjoying the country called Nigeria.

“The major problem lies in us not been patriotic enough to sacrifice our talents, gifts and personal ambitions to better humanity. The world has all it takes to give the least among us food, clothing and shelter. but the self interest of lust and unending quest to acquire what is actually needed for just one life time has kept the black man and mostly Nigerians running against nature and time. let's live and build the spirit of unity, it’s the biggest wish I want for this country. we are all brothers in diversity, we all need each other at one point. I pledge to Nigeria my country,” he shared.

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