Thursday, 22 June 2017

Most Nigerian Wives Are Just Enduring Marriage For Their Kids -Marriage Counsellor

“Divorce is on the rise because of some obvious factors like the harsh economy, domestic violence, education and exposure, more connections and links to foreign cultures and the rise of feminism, too.

“Most Nigerian families are religious, and we all know that religion places the man over the woman. It has been that way for a very long time with both Christian and Islamic wives submitting completely to their husbands. Nowadays, there are talks, programmes and workshops about equality, women’s rights and so on. Many Nigerian women have come to see that the woman too has some right and so, some can no longer submit like they used to. And that’s where problems come in.

“Domestic violence cases have skyrocketed, especially among Nigerian celebrities who are role models to younger ones. So, what do you expect? Most women these days are empowered, and feel they can do without a man.“The only reason some women go into marriages is to have their kids, and once that is accomplished, they lose interest and patience. With the slightest provocation, things are blown out of proportion.

“The Economy has left many families unable to provide basic amenities and this leads to confusion and fights. Eventually, the struggling couples get to go their separate ways. Money is the major cause of fights in some marriages, and if it doesn’t pour in quickly, divorce happens.“Finally, I think the rise of infidelity is another cause of most divorce cases in Nigeria.”

She also proffered solution to the problem: “It can only get worse, unless women will stop getting themselves empowered. If the economy improves, people would be happy and there will be less fights and anger. It can be curtailed if more familiesbegin to take their religion seriously where the women begin to submit and accept everything without question. But, is that possible in this age? With globalization, the Internet, access to different cultures, education, it can only get worse.“See, a lot of Nigerian wives are just managing, they are just marking time for the sake of kids and lack of funds.

Given the opportunities other wives in western cultures have, they’ll quit without looking back.Divorce still favours the man in Nigeria unlike in the Western world. And the day things change, expect more cases. We can only hope and pray.”

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