Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ex BBNaija Miyonse Starts Cooking TV Show

Ex BBNaija fellow , Miyonse Oluwaseyi, whois also  called Miyonse, says he has plans to start a television show which focus on cooking and confectionery.

Miyonse said: “My TV show is coming out soon; it is a cooking show. Miyonse is one person who don't fancy making known his ambition or dreams  before the come to reality.

 According to him, "I am not an artiste, so youmay not see me at some events; I am a chef; I cook for a living;I have signed two deals with two restaurants to cook with them every month." Besides cooking , he has a couple of other ideas that his working on. He believe everything will work together for good and by the grace of God, the sky will be a stepping stone. However, he feels this is notthe right time to release all these information. It is not something he want to release in haste.’’

Miyonse, who is also a trained chef, said he was currently consulting in a new Culinary School based in Ilorin, Kwara .and he was romantically involved with fellow housemate Tokunbo Idowu also known as ‘Tboss’ who referred to him as “my boo.’’

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