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Any Pastor That Holds Any Service On A Monday Morning Should Be Flogged - Daddy Freeze

On air personality, Daddy Freeze, in a new post on his IG, has again come for pastors, as he feels its highly bad for church services to be held on a Monday morning during the hours set aside for work.

Daddy freeze, had shared a post from a social media user who revelaed that his employee had called in to announce he won't be coming to work due to church service. The said business man had then gone on to ask whom to be blamed for this, the employee or the pastor.Not one to shy away from such, Daddy Freeze gave his honest opinin.

Read his answer :
Let's remember that CHINA that we borrowed money from last year, didn't grow it's economy on Monday morning church services. South Korea that manufactures the Hyundai, Kia, Samsung and LG products we use didn't either.-
Any pastor that holds a Monday morning service that conflicts with the time set aside for production, should in my opinion, be flogged! ~FRZ

Thoughts anyone?

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