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2-year-old Imade gets introduced to alcohol by Davido's brother (photo)

In what seemed like an expensive joke, Davido's brother introduced a glass containing alcohol to Imade. He then shared the post on social media with the innocent girl completely taken by the foreign content in the glass.

Imade was picked up from school by her uncle who is Davido's brother. As they got home, he thought a brilliant idea of a practical joke was "introducing" alcohol known as Hennessy to the 2-year-old.

He shared the post on Snapchat, captioning it "Trying to introduce her to Henessy"

Some fans who saw the post immediately reacted saying:

“Imagine this little girl being introduced to alcohol and wild life at this early age."

"Una go come dey complain say she carry belle at 17."

"Blue ivy whose parents are one of the most popular on the planet is not handled this way."

"I guess this is what happens when your father is a fück boy and your mother is a Hoe”

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