Monday, 29 May 2017

Nigerian Music No Longer Inspire Lifes Positively - Jenny O

Jenny an Afropop singer who has takennotice of the direction in which music videos are heading to and has found it obnoxious.The beautiful actress in a chat with 'Potpourri' said that musicians have left creativity and talents and have gone into proud and grand display of nudity and sensuality so as to sell more.“Funny enough, sex sells; from my own perspective it’s really because of people’s crave for sensuality not necessarily a way of life. People are attracted by what they see and it just gives them a lot of ideas”, shesaid.Pointing at the people, she said that because they keep quite and crave for these, the artist end up dumping talents and go about giving people what they crave for.At first, the Nigerian music were criticized for saying just one thing, b**bs, b*tches and money and now the videos, nudity and sensuality. The music industry possibly needs redemption as music no longer inspire lifes positively but instead gives other ideas to the people.Jenny just dropped a new video and audio d├ębut single of hers titled 'Agaracha'

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