Wednesday, 31 May 2017

'Sometimes I actually feel like crying' - Mercy Aigbe's daughter speaks about mother

 Mercy Aigbe's daughter, Michelle Gentry spoke on negative comments passed on about her mother on social media- The teen model expressed her hurt saying some of the comments made her feel like tearing up- Michelle was interviewed alongside her bestfriend, Favour.

Michelle Gentry is the teenage daughter of Mercy Aigbe. Following the domestic violence brouhaha, Mercy has gotten both supporters and attackers who think she shouldn't display her marital challenges in pubic.

In a recent interview, Mercy's daughter was put on hot spot where she had to express her thoughts on what the social media public were saying about her mother. Michelle is a teen model who has a massive fan base.

In an interview, Michelle and her bestfriend Favour answered some questions most Mercy Aigbe's fans would be interested to hear. According to the teen model, social media has helped promote her brand.

When asked her reaction to what people say about her mother, she expressed sadness, saying reading some comments push her to tears sometimes.

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